Part one: my story

Eddie Sharpe: One Day At A Time

“These events are based upon my own personal experiences, makingthis the most authentic part of the book.”

“During any lifetime, there are few times when we are truly tested, but for anyone suddenly confronted with a cancer diagnosis, there is nowhere to hide. I wrote this book in the hope that my own experiences might benefit others, as there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Cancer can happen to anyone at any time.”

“Without my faith in God, I am not sure that I would have survived”

Part two: the supernatural

Eddie Sharpe: One Day At A Time

Millions around the world claim to have experienced the supernatural and miracles.

Evidence to support the supernatural existence of God including the Resurrection, The Shroud of Turin and Marian apparitions at Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Medjugorje and Zeitoun. A miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event, unexplainable by natural or scientific laws, attributed to divine agency.

Part three: God and science are compatible

Eddie Sharpe: One Day At A Time

God and science are indeed compatible. In recent times there have been astonishing scientific breakthroughs , but from disproving God, the evidence increasingly points towards a creator.

Anyone suffering from, or affected by cancer, can achieve great comfort and solace in God. But, it’s very difficult to believe in God when science and God are viewed as two separate and conflicting entities. After all, God either created the universe, or he didn’t.

Life after cancer

Eddie Sharpe: One Day At A Time

A short while ago I was asked by a good friend if my perspective on life had been changed by my experience of cancer?

The first word that flashed into my mind was gratitude. We live in a society where we are programmed to be dissatisfied, many people are not happy with their partner, they want a bigger house, they want a faster car, they want more money, but I’ve learned gratitude: I’m obviously extremely grateful for my health, to be able to eat a meal without swallowing problems and to be able to taste is a blessing, just to feel normal again after having felt so bad for such a long period of time.  Most important of all… I’ve learned to be grateful for my many blessings that previously passed unnoticed.